Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder


Client testimonials (See also my recommendations on LinkedIn) Andy Hemming LinkedIn


“When I first met Andy, I was the owner of a small business, working lots of hours, and in a permanent state of chaos constantly worrying about work. I had seriously considered getting out of the business and going to work for someone else. In under 2 years, I have gained control of, and grown my business, bought another business and am in the final stages of purchasing a second business. We are planning to buy several more over the next few years. My colleagues and wife tell me that I have changed for the better, and I now spend quality, worry free time with my family. I spent years thinking that there must be an easier way of running a business as other people seem to do it and at long last I have found it, all thanks to Andy’s guidance and support.” Chris Birch, Swift Maintenance Services Limited


“Since we started working with Andy at Action Coach we have seen a huge improvement in our business results. In 18 months turnover has increased by 25% and profits have doubled. We had a good business but lacked direction and organisation. Working with Andy has helped us to address these issues and take the steps required to move our business on to the next level.

Andy gives honest and impartial views on our business. He helps with planning and decision making and then holds us accountable to implementing these plans whilst teaching us any new skills required.

The investment we have made in business coaching has been an excellent decision and well worth it.” Andy Jackson, International Tyres Limited


“Focus Ecology have been working with Andy since September 2014, prior to this I would never have thought we needed a Business Coach or even wanted one. However, following the attendance of a short business seminar he was a speaker at, my business partner and I signed him up. That was probably one of the best business decisions we have ever made. In that time, Andy has helped us increase our annual turnover by almost 50%, increase the efficiency, capability and profitability of the company and most importantly significantly reduce my working hours.

Prior to meeting Andy, I couldn’t really call myself a business owner in the real sense of the word, I just owned a job! I feel Andy genuinely wants to improve my business and help it grow to its full potential. He ensures, my business partner and I are held accountable for our decisions and actions, and that we don’t get distracted from our goals and targets for the company.” Fern Fellowes-Day, Focus Ecology Limited


“Andy is a fantastic business coach. With Andy’s help I have more than doubled my turnover, tripled my profits, reduced my working hours and significantly improved my skills and effectiveness as a business owner.

He is really good at cutting through the flannel, getting to the point of a particular problem or issue and then is able to help me find a strategy or process to solve it.

He genuinely wants to help me grow my business which means that if I’m missing the point or not doing what I said I would then he holds me to account.” Graeme Marshall, Barnsley Marshall Limited


“Working with Andy over the last two and a half years has aided myself and my co-director to develop our business and has provided us with the focus when we need it. He has the ability to assist us to cut through the chaff and has added real quality and monetary value to our company.

Not only is the Action Coach system well proven, but Andy is one of the top coaches in the UK. I would not hesitate to recommend you taking Andy on right now.” Steve Menzler, STK Fire and Risk Management Limited


“Andy has the ability to shine a light on those areas in a business that can be improved, and to motivate business owners to make those improvements. It’s worth seeing how Andy can help you to change your business for the better.” Trevor Jones, Apex Packaging Limited


“When deciding to take on an Action coach, we here at Mototech had no idea how this decision would change us as people and the business.

With the help of Action, we have been able to focus on what is good about business and do more of it, and change what doesn’t work. We now have a clear vision and mission for Mototech and a framework to drive the business forward.

Thanks to Andy we have a great future, and I would recommend that anyone who wants their business to grow and to become independent from it to take action and get a coach.” Sally and Wilf Atkins, Mototech


“Jackie spent the afternoon on the phone on Thursday chasing the 3rd marketing letter. The response was great! Some people had kept the letters as examples to use themselves and there are at least 4 enquiries coming through on the back of the letters. One or two of the recipients were apparently on the verge of calling us and we beat them to it.

The marketing letters, better state of mind and increased activity really have given me all the I could have wished for, we are exactly where I want to be in terms of attracting new and better business. The whole team here are now seeing the fruits of this different approach and now even the sceptics are being won over, it’s all making sense!” Matt Bennett, Marlbrook Electrical


“When I first met Andy I was beginning to take the first steps from being a Senior Consultant at a small recruitment business to stepping onto a director’s role at the same firm. I was finding the change overwhelming particularly trying to change my mindset and priorities on a day to day basis. However Andy seemed to sum up my personality iimmediately.

When we started to work through the issues that troubled me (and others that I hadn’t identified), I realised that I could do it and I had nothing to worry about. It was as though the blinkers had been lifted!

Although I know it sounds like a cliche, this really was a life changing experience for me.

My outlook and grasp on the business is totally different to that which I ever thought it could be, I have increased confidence in my own abilities and renewed enthusiasm for the challenges ahead. Now rather than doubting myself and my abilities, I’m relishing my new role (and according to my colleagues thriving in it), all thanks to Andy’s help. I cannot recommend him highly enough!” Esther Lawton, Director of Recruitment Services, Adler Recruitment